Bob Denning @, Kalispell MT
Steve made it to the Chinese wall
Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 19:44

A BIG congratulations to our buddy steve from NC.
He drove with his boys to MT and hiked over 75 miles (9 days) to visit the Chinese wall. For those of you not familiar with this hike I encourage you to google it. This is rough wilderness. I know a dozen guys that tried this hike and only 3 (including Steve) that made it on foot. This is a huge life accomplishment and I’m proud of Steve and his boys.

He just came out of “The Bob” (Bob Marshal wilderness) and called me to say he was safe and heading to the bar. I bet it will be the best greasy burger and beer of his life. I’m sure it will take a week or more for his blisters subside.

Atta boy Steve. We can’t wait for you to post pictures and tell us about your bear encounter

You will sleep good tonight

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