I know Rob, fantastic fellow. I have one for my
Friday, August 05, 2022, 10:16

Reeder ElDiablo .44 Special 4”, custom made for me. He did special belt slots for straight very high tide, or cross-draw, or strong side canted. He even added the loops for IWB carry! It’s great. But hurts me IWB. I’ve threatened to rubber cement a thick pice of lamb skin on the body side cutting out the cylinder hole. I might try that w/o the glue first.

The “Sourdough” is a great versatile rig. I have another for a 4” N-frame. He even put six ctg. Loops on the outside of that one. For .41 Magnum! Super slick! I’ll post a picture of them later. I do wish he’d look into a double thickness layer on the body side. I’m sure he’d make me one just by asking!

He makes matching belts and accessories too. Just call or email him. You know he knows Gary well.

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