MQ1 @, Livermore, CA
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 13:56

I just got off the phone completing the transaction, Colleen…thanks for the reply.

I’m older now, and have kids of my own. When I was young…we didn’t have much, and I didn’t really get into hunting or shooting sports until I was out of the house and fending for myself.

My oldest boy is 13 now, and this past Christmas I brought home a stubborn cur pup. His birthday is next week, and among other things he is going to get a Stevens 22/410 that I got just for that purpose. This winter that little mountain cur will tree some squirrels in CA for us, and we will make some more memories.

I’ve always liked utilitarian, no frills tools…and that is what the 24V is to me. I’ll develop a good load for the .222, and teach my boy how to make when the time comes. I expect that the 24V will likely be what my boy will use when I take him coyote hunting for a rancher friend who is always after calf killers. I’ll also likely pull off the scope and leave as iron sights…hard to beat that way if your eyes are still good

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