That is great, and the correct perspective.
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 15:12

Not that we shouldn't try to be as perfect as we can, you don't get to just do whatever as life on this side can get real rough if you go against God's word (which e all do on daily on some level). We get to experience some judgement on this side, at our own hand. But no one is perfect and all we need is God's love and grace through Jesus and what sacrifice he did for our sakes. By Jesus we are justified to God the Father through the Holy Spirit. Our heavenly citizenship is ensured and we can have hope in that till this life is finished. Life is so wonderful with that understanding and it's much easier to "be good" desiring to please God.

We all have it so much better than we deserve. Times are going down the crapper but take a closer look at the bible and some of the things other Saints (fellow believers) endured.

Zephaniah, a book in the old testament is interesting reading. He was persecuted for telling the King the truth about what events God revealed to him. Then even when the King left word to help him others conspired to do him in anyway. Sure enough things went down just like God told him, and what he had told the king. The King didn't listen though and boy was he dealt with harshly. Those were bad times.

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