Gary Reeder
They are moving up here more and mor
Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 11:24

every year. The last one I shot was rooting around in about 8" of snow. I smelled him before I got close enough to see him. I called my dogs back thinking it was a skunk. I eased up thru the junipers and shuffled thru the snow with the smell getting stronger every step. I had the 2 Jack Russells leashed to my belt so they didn't get on the skunk. As I came around a big Juniper I saw the "skunk". It was a big Javelina just digging away at the roots of that cactus. He didn't seem bothered by the snow or the 28 degree temperatures. I had my 300 GNR revolver with me and gave one of the rounds as a gift to the Javelina. He ran in a small circle and then ran out of gas and fell over. I cut the hams off and wrapped them in some newspaper and put them in the front floorboard of the Bronco and tied the dogs up in the back to keep them away from the meat. I have heard it is good eating if done right but have never tried it myself. I gave them to a Mexican friend who was my guide out on the Navajo Depot military base elk hunting. I have shot a few more down south of here more in desert country. But the Javelina are becoming more and more abundant up here in the mountains.

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