Hearing aids
Monday, November 21, 2022, 10:10

So far I haven't found the "perfect hearing aid. You can spend thousands and they can be adjusted with your smart phone. They amplify sound. They fit out of sight in your ear. For me they were worthless. I could hear all kind of noise but couldn't understand someone someone standing in front of me for all the other noise. Adjusting them with smart phone was a joke. The adjustments were always wrong because I'm not as smart as the phone. I had to have someone else to take them out because my big fingers were not able to find the little thing you pull them out with. One of my old friends at the skeet club was using Walker game ears for hearing aids. He explained they were simple to adjust, hung behind the ear easy to put on and take off. They kill the noise from a gun shot. I bought a pair and I'm satisfied. They are not perfect but work. Easy to adjust even with my big hands. I bought a spare set because I am sold on them for me. You should still wear hearing protection but I forget. After you buy the high priced ones if you are not satisfied try them.

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