Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 11:50

TOOLS: Just as with loading smokeless powders in modern revolvers, there are a number of tools available to help make our task easier. An adjustable powder measure definitely helps as well as a brass flask to hold the powder. There are a number of tools for holding caps including straight-line versions which holds about 20 caps and a “snail” model which has a capacity of about 100 percussion caps. If I don’t have to have more than enough to cap one cylinder at a time, I prefer the latest Swedish Capper which is a round plastic piece with six arms each holding one cap. These are extremely easy to load and then place the cap on the nipple.
A loading stand provides the third hand needed when loading the cylinder, however I prefer to remove the cylinder and use a separate reloader. All Remingtons are easy to remove the cylinder and some Colts also. Especially when fitting tight round balls, the added leverage is quite welcome to the hand. SliX-Springs also offers a SliX Hand which fits over the handle of the loading lever on revolvers and this also provides extra leverage and treats the hand gently. A quality nipple wrench which really fits the nipples is also required and again I look to SliX-Springs for their SliX Wrench.
MODIFICATIONS: We’ve already mentioned one very important modification, that is the addition of a quality stainless steel nipples. The face of the hammers should also be inspected and any sharp edges or burrs removed as these can grab fired caps and pull them off the nipple, dropping them into the action. Inspecting the Colt hammers is especially important as they have a notch in the bottom face which fits over a pin found between each chamber which accepts this to serve as a safety. These are often sharp and require smoothing with a stone and/or file.

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