Gary Reeder
If it is in South Africa the rules are all the same
Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 14:50

I have had almost 100 hunters join me in Africa since 1992 and in the last 3 hunts we have had 10 or 12 hunters on each hunt and each went by the new rules and had great hunts. Another thing you might have a problem with is a couple more rules that are fairly new. They are no rimfires, no shotguns, no semi autos of any kind. Then the new rule that revolver barrel length have to be at least 8", and they checked our guns on that one. Also the caliber of the gun has to match the head stamp on the brass. They checked us on that one too. At one little hole in the wall in South Africa that we flew into called Upington they checked every single round of ammo we had to see if it matched the caliber of the guns.
So these guys are serious about the rules and if you try to sneak something by them they will confiscate your guns and you can pick them back up when you leave the country.

The 2 hunters that caused major problems for their PH brought in things they knew were illegal. One brought a 5" 454 Casull and the other brought in a Glock in 10mm. After their hunt when they got back into the states they wrote up the hunts in a couple of magazines and web sites and posted pictures of the game they shot with these handguns and the word got out to the people in South Africa. The PH was arrested and got either a very heavy fine or 8 years in jail.
My suggestion would be to call John Abraham, the head honcho of Madubula Safaris and ask him. He lives in Texas when he isn't on a hunt. I have hunted with John every year since 1992. Now things may have changed in the last 18 months or so. But he is one of the top professional hunters in the world and will know the answers to your questions. If he is out of country his wife lauri will know the answer to your questions. His number is 817-899-5949. Just tell him I told you to call and he will help you all he can.

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