We've had some rough weather too in No. Georgia.......
Friday, January 20, 2023, 18:45

A storm came through about 5 weeks ago, it was a real gale! I'd have mentioned it sooner, but we been real busy. Trees 2-3 inches around and 3 feet tall snapped like toothpicks. Mostly pines but a few harder woods like Tulip Poplar... Been picking up twigs for a few weeks now, as well as a whole tone of pine cones. They are pretty easy to see against the green/white patchy background. We've been pretty much ok. I've been drinking beer and peein' on the larger piles of frozen water (it seems to shrink 'em down a good bit) and we have almost made our way to the stairs down to our wood pile. "Watch out where the husky guy goes and dont you eat that.." Anyway; If it gets below 50 it's a chore haulin' the logs up to the fireplace. It's not that it's difficult, just laborious as it's too warm for a fire anyways.

Don't worry, we are fine and pray for our "Old Westians" out there in the wilds of AZ.
Keep your powder dry; and warm. Keep the faith, spring is a commin'


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