Go get 'em John!
Saturday, January 21, 2023, 09:08

The flat pointer works wonderfully. Great concept, Gary's tool makes it easy. The soap shooting was a simple way to capture a comparative snapshot of the energy transfer. I remember them doing it pre-WWII trying various handgun rounds of the day. It was at least a consistent medium for a partial scientific test.

The penetration would be interesting to compare, in a scientific setting, as its thought the flat tip creates a shock wave that runs before the bullet pushing things out of the way for a better and straight penetration. Real gel type test media is expensive and difficult to manage for multiple test runs.

The SIG line of ammo now uses a flat meplat for their FMJ ammo. That is what I carry for 9mm, the 147 gr. It probably penetrates too much but I hope I never use it in a crowded setting. It's more likely to be used on the farm against game.

Good luck, I have high hopes!

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