Gary Reeder
From info I got from a friend the SHOT SHOW was a
Monday, January 23, 2023, 21:17

real fizzle. A lot of new guns but many were the same guns premiered last year. And no guarantee of delivery in time for hunting season. Plus prices were sky high. Sort of glad I missed it.
One thing I am getting a bit excited about is the SCI Safari Club Convention in about a month in Nashville. I am meeting Larry Farley there and get to spend some times with some old friends and see a lot of very special guns. Nashville is my home town and it has been many years since I spent some time there. One of my guys at the shop here laughed and said I was going to see an old girl friend. I reminded him that those old girl friends were now great grandmothers.
The SCI show is totally different from the SHOT as people there are real folks, not just sales people trying to con you out of your pay check. They like to talk guns and hunting and who knows they might just talk Larry and me into a hunt somewhere in the world.

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