Yeah if your ox is in a ditch, and they have
Tuesday, March 07, 2023, 07:48

only been necked in a press operation they should straighten out fine. After cases are fired they work harden quickly and can split. But virgin cases are normally quite elastic, and that is not too much working.

Sometimes cases are hard to find, them boom, Hornady or Starline will make a run. Always stock up when you can.

My technique for forming from blanks is to fill the case to the shoulder with fast shotgun powder and poke in a little tuft of toilet paper. Mainly so it does not spill. The pressure should be sufficient to blast the neck out straight again. I've had to do it twice before in some wild forming operations but no problem. Blanks shoot out fiery granules some distance so use safety.

Not a blank but a .41 GNR. Reminding of blast.

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