The old Webley
Friday, March 17, 2023, 07:38

Roman, my son, loves old guns. The more simple and crude the better. He didn't get it from me! Must be those video games, Call of Duty etc. He came up with an old 1911 produced Webley .455 MK VI. He paid the princely sum of $600 which is actually the low end of the market these days. However the bore is pristine!

I found the action a bit dodgey as many I've examined. The aficionados say that you cannot destroy a Webley, that only maintenance items are needed to bring it back into spec. The specs it seems were "serviceable". I find the "trigger stop" or what we'd call on a S&W the 'bolt-stop" has a sacked flat spring. That keeps the cylinder from rotating past battery with the hammer down. It's 1/3 as thick as the cylinder notch, but that's how they are built. It's wobbley on purpose. Also there is a spring that powers the cylinder pawl hand. It is a bit weak. Lastly the frame latch external V-spring needs replacing. In all not too bad to tune up a 110 yr. old fighting revolver.

It does have some charm on a British cousin level. I envision a soldier using it with lanyard as designed, perhaps blowing a whistle. lol It's competition was more the Colt 1909 New Service and S&W N-frame Hand Ejector more so than the 1911. Boys, we had it good for that big war.

The only "modern" revolver Roman has ever really taken to was Denning's "Accountant Special" Reeder .44 Special, built on a Ruger chassis. Maybe there is hope for him yet. He seems to gravitate to .44's along those lines, and we have several to choose from on hand.


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