Gary Reeder
John is not kidding either. He took me out to breakfast one
Saturday, March 18, 2023, 12:31

morning years ago and as I got out of his truck at the restaurant I mentioned to John that I was carrying and asked him if he was carrying a gun. He said no, then after a small pause he said I am carrying 3 guns. He made me feel naked with only my PD in 45. But at that time John was carrying that little mini revolver as one of his 3 everyday carry guns.
John changed the way I see things while I was with him for those 3 or 4 days. I now carry a 45, a 22 magnum, a 25 auto, a 22 LR, another 45 and from time to time a couple of other guns, normally not all these at the same time but at least 2. My little Budischowsky 25 auto sits in a pocket in the top of my cowboy boot. A 25 auto ain't much of a self defense gun but is better that a kick in the nuts. It is a small stainless steel double action 5 shot 25 auto and I sort of feel naked without it.

John also gave an idea or two about guns for the house. He mentioned for a hideout gun in the bathroom (if a bad guy comes in to do you harm he isn't going to wait til you flush to do so) but John mentioned the stainless steel Charter Arms 44 special as being perfect for a potty gun. Since then I have been trying to find one or two.
It's good to pay attention to someone that is smarter that you. You never know when you might learn something. John has been around the block several times and is a good person to pay attention to.

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