Carry guns for me are different in concept.
Sunday, March 19, 2023, 14:17

factory produced items in particular are bland. It's not a pleasurable duty I enjoy. I do not like CCW in particular. I do take the task seriously. In my stock I have many that can be used.

Short answer is Glock 23.

I can drop a different barrel in it and shoot 9mm also, or .357 SIG if I so chose. Even .22 LR or .224 TCM. Hard to argue the versatility. But said that it has no charm, it's a tool. I do not really enjoy it other than it's simplicity and proven reliability. Were the limit set to revolvers I'd choose a 7-shot S&W 686 even though I deplore the safety. Thankfully I have one that was produced before that nonsense.

I also have a G30s in .45 ACP that is the same size. It's my modern PD with 4 or 5 more rounds and will never wear out.

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