Oh no, that means in a couple days....
Friday, May 19, 2023, 15:40

It always heads this way, sometimes it goes north. We'll be whining and wanting rain come July and August. Been wet here. Ranchers are getting their first hay cut right now, should be at least 3x more this year. Hay used to be $30-45 for a big round bale, I bet it's going to be $60-80 with the costs going up. Last year a square bale was $9 and now it's over $15. That's a precursor to meat prices too.

Today I have the misfortune to be working on a boat. I'm no more a boat mechanic than gunsmith. But in like fashion, with lack of suitable alternatives, I'm forced into the position. Glory be to God alone I found the problem. (I find no place in the Bible where one cannot pray for fixing a boat) A corroded battery ground wire. In the most inaccessible place imaginable. Between the exhaust piping and output drive, at the back, in the mechanical abyss. I can lay prostrate on the V-8 and just get my fingers on top of the nut and stud. But it's operating! Glory be. Last year I failed to find it with a hernia infirmary, but this year we are lake bound. Last summer I did buy a new ignition switch and couple relays (troubleshooting) but they will be spares. Now the massive cleaning and re-assembly begins.

No rest for the wicked, but with rain coming I can work on it slower with no guilt.

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