Gary Reeder
The story of the 45 Short and 45 Long Colt are
Monday, May 22, 2023, 10:39

explained in Cartridges of the World under 45 Government. They explain that there was a 45 short and 45 Long Colt and list more info about them, pretty much what Jim just explained. I grew up with the name 45 Long Colt from my Dad who apparently had one of each shortly after WW2. Having read the story there in COTW and seeing Jim's flattened box of 45 Short Colt, and seeing a lot of guns coming in from Europe and elsewhere marked 45 Long Colt I think I will stick with the Long Colt moniker. I have been putting the caliber "45 Long Colt" on our custom guns for nearly 40 years and will continue to do so unless the customer asks for the caliber "45 Colt".
By the way one of our ATF friends mentioned that they like to see the name "45 Long Colt" as some of their agents think 45 Colt is the 1911. Then there is the term "Colt 45" which is often mistaken for the 1911 by the younger crowd. But that is the same crowd that think the 44 Magnum was developed by Clint Eastwood. And the beat goes on.

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