Gary Reeder
When I was hunting with my Auto Mags I had to really
Thursday, November 16, 2023, 17:22

watch my shots. The 44 Auto Mag was good to 50 yards or so. The 41 Auto Mag, which was my favorite, was good for a bit more due to the smaller lighter weight bullet. But I still had to watch my shots. I am no good at estimating the ranges so I just watched my shots. If my front sight covered most of the animal then I was too far from the animal. Later on I solved that problem by scoping my 41 Auto Mag.
Hunting with my Contenders in 30 Herrett I felt good out to 200 yards but I had a scope and the round was fast and flat shooting. But nowhere in my hunting with any of my handguns did 300 yards enter into my head. It was just too far for an accurate shot.
I hate tree stands but I sat down in the woods near my house with a big brush pile behind me to break up my profile and on more than one instance I had deer munching on acorns and walk up to within 15 feet of me and as long as I sat still they wandered away still munching on acorns. And I had no camo on either as camo wasn't available back then. But black jeans and a tan or brown shirt seemed to do what $400 worth of camo would do today. On more than one instance I let a couple of does walk up to within 10 or 15 feet feeding on munchies. Then I would make an ungodly screeching sound and the deer would jump 5 feet in the air and haul ass. I am sure they went back to the herd and told their buddies that there were monsters back there and they barely escaped with their lives. They probably didn't shit right for a week.

Anyway just to agree with Jim on close shots on deer and other animals.

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