We set Roman up with a G2 in .30 GNR
Friday, November 17, 2023, 08:50

It just made sense for a young man to use as his first real hunting handgun. It is compact, Wal-mart .30-30 ammo is useful in a pinch, and it's a solid platform. We loaded up Nosler Ballistic tips, 150 gr. at 2400 fps. Mild shooting and .300 Savage rifle performance from a handgun. I got him a Burris 2x-7X scope in DDT mounts and Pachmayr furniture with a sling set up. It's perfect for 95% of his future shooting and hunting. Folks have killed Elk with much less!

He took a nice ram at HHC and it now is mounted in his room. A good memory for us both.


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