Anybody ever try a Colt New Frontier .22 SA?
Wednesday, February 07, 2024, 12:25

When I was a kid I loved Colts. The advertisements really set me on fire. The replica eagle grips, plastic not rubber, and case colored frames really looked the part. Plus an extra Magnum cylinder and adjustable sights!

Did they shoot to any count?

I was later suspicious if Colt actually made them or they were Italian contracted. If not complete manufacture, manufacture of parts then assembled in country. That might get around some European proofing. The truck loads of "Commemorative" models looked just like my Italian FIE only cosmetically finished to much higher standards. It's been a bitter pill in many ways, having my childhood dreams pissed upon by late realization of reality. First Santa, then Capstick..., the moon shot. The list gets longer.


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