I have used larger shot, #5 actually as thats
Sunday, February 11, 2024, 19:07

What I had. Later I see CCI came out with “red capsule” shot loads with larger shot, #4 or #6! As I also found, the larger shot kept much tighter patterns and might take a bit larger critter like a big rabbit to 10-15 yds. I found this by shooting into the pond surface and videoing it to examine. The .45 Colt full cylinder length was pretty formidable!

As mentioned all shotguns are the same “power” as individual pellets. No matter .410 or 10 ga. 3-1/2”! Each pellet is going 1200-1400 fps. Steel shot usually is faster, as it needs the speed. Less dense, lighter, it sheds velocity horribly fast and loses energy. Plus it bounces back at you terribly if your backstop is a hard object.

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