They make those in stainless and blue
Friday, March 29, 2024, 06:47

I also really like those, someone was thinking. I own a TALO custom run SP101 in .357. I was inspired by Jim Taylor's little hammerless S&W but I didn't pull it off exactly well. The little SP I bought to commemorate a job promotion. I really like the little robust Ruger. It actually has a sort of flat topstrap and Novack sights, as a 2.5" .357. For actually SHOOTING in .357 it's about right. But for carrying around it weighs about the same as a loaded GLock 19! Jim's little .357 weighs about 10-11 oz. He probably forgets he has it on him. The little SP101 feels like a brick. Good gun, great sights, it will never wear out. It's not too bad shooting even regular .357 loads. It's just chunky.

The special run of S&W should weigh about 16 oz., I think. The Scadinum frames are notably lighter. It would make a great little pocket .38.

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