You are probably a little too old to manage it...
Wednesday, April 03, 2024, 08:16

but a genuine Southern Snipe hunt, only done at night. Not to be confused with the silly little northern bird, the Southern Snipe is an elusive creature and while plentiful it is seldom seen. Most nocturnal brush piles contain at least a couple. It requires true patience and a motionless stance. It MUST be done with only oil lamps (maybe carbide if available) and the animals are caught with real burlap sacks, nothing modern or plastic will work. It is said this simulates the mother's womb and lulls the animals to let their guard down. Any other method or materials and it simply will not work.

Once a likely run is located It requires a very focused mental state to remain motionless for long enough to feel the creatures exploring the inside of the sack. Then you got them, IF you are fast enough. As we age our reflexes and mental state degrade and it is a useless attempt. But we COULD try it.

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