I just examined some modern laser engraving
Monday, July 01, 2024, 07:13

A fellow here in the office makes knives. He bought a $2k laser rig. It's actually not even for metal, another available module is specific for that. He paints the area black and it WILL work on steel. He does it on leather and wood too.

But... it is so precise and perfect it is not truly pleasing (to me). It takes a human element from it all. Even electrical etching and touching up, you have a sense of skill and affordable craftsmanship. Hammering old world with a chisel vs modern electrical chisel machines are subjective too, but it still has a charm. It makes it affordable to the normal guy.

This computer laser stuff will no doubt take hold. It's cheaper even more, very little labor or time involved. But something sure is lost in the aesthetics. Things can be so perfect it's no fun anymore!

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