He’s a good hunter, obvious bow bias.
Monday, July 08, 2024, 10:11

Serious bow hunting nut. He was not real schooled on handguns, read and researched what the cool hippies used and that’s what he got. Good about practicing with his kit though. Good show! He remarked his full size M&P 10 had a 4” (I think it’s 5”), and his ammo was 220 gr. Underwood FN hard cast powder coat (I don’t think it’s lube candy coat as quoted?! He didn’t know near as much about that aspect as he did about all the bow stuff.

He’s one heck of a hunter, I can tell that. If he had chosen JHP self-defense ammo the outcome could have been very different. Might have expanded on the bear’s hide and not penetrated, maybe. Overall I think the Lord still has some stuff He wants the boy to do! Heck of a story, kudos!

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