HHC Oct 6-9 Wilderness Hunting Lodge Monterey Tennessee

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 12:27 (15 days ago)

HHC Oct 6-9 Wilderness Hunting Lodge Monterey Tennessee
I just got off the phone with Sandy at the Wilderness lodge in Tennessee. I believe there’s only a dozen people signed up so far.
for anyone interested, this has been a yearly or 2X a year hunt at a great lodge facility in Tennessee. There will be many handgunners, but you can use rifles, bow, BP whatever. You are guaranteed to see more game than you can afford to shoot! They specialize in lots of big hogs, but they have a plethora of exotics as well. Great place for first time hunters to hunters too old to walk around, who can be chauffeured to a blind. I like getting dropped on the back side of the mountain, and spending the day stalking around one side or the other back towards camp. You will see a huge variety of animals. Hunting can be as hard or easy as you wish, but you will be in game all day.
I know many of the people going are HHI members, and I have had the pleasure of hunting with lots of them in the past.
The lodge is an all inclusive hunting experience. Meals, beds, all included in the long weekend stay. If you have a non hunting family member, your deposit covers the 4 days meals and lodging, and they can tag along and watch, or enjoy the facilities around camp, and great food all weekend.
You can call Sandy and leave a small deposit to hold your bed room, so they know how many of us are arriving. This is a fantastic way to meet, talk, and hunt with a good group of like minded hand gun hunters.
check out pictures on their websight: wilderness Hunting Lodge, Monterey Tennessee. Or make your reservation Oct 6-9th, 2022 call (931) 9794050 or call get a hold of me, I’ve been 7-8 times, I will be happy to answer any questions, Michael

I know lots of Misfits have been to this hunt, as Gary really got this going strong, for many years. Alcorn is ramrod on this trip. I put this out on the ( HHI ) Handgun Hunters International website and a couple others. I have lots of raffle prizes I’m donating for the Saturday night party, I know lots of other guys are donating goodies as well. It sure would be fun to get participation back up to previous years. It’s worth the trip to me, just to see old friends I may only see there. A great time should be had by all! Call Sandy and get your reservation in.

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