Is Ruger/Marlin ever going to come out with the .444?

Jeff Spencer
Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 20:06 (13 days ago)

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Other than the .429 bore it's a bit difficult for me

Friday, November 25, 2022, 09:26 (11 days ago) @ Jeff Spencer

personally to get excited about the .444. I respect your zeal, I sure do. I've shot and loaded the .444 some. I also had a custom .440 GNR Magnum on a 1895 action. THAT was impressive, shooting a 300 gr. Sierra at 2350 fps. The thick jacketed bullet was up to the job too. I pancaked the Hornady 265 at that speed in my sand drum backstops.

The .45-70 is hard to argue with as a performer and sound selling item. Marlin tried to hawk the .444 for a powerhouse, as it was factory loaded hot, and the .45-70 was NOT in the early 1970's. Not by anyone commercially, zero.

Now a factory .50 AK, that would be a unique item. It's difficult to get a custom one done for even BIG money. Marlin's .450 was not a bad round IF you didn't handload the .45-70 nor need a bigger than 405 gr. bullet. The brass was too special. But they have it all ironed out if Ruger wanted to go another round before it totally dies out. Still I can't see even that as a highly profitable item. With these times gun companies have to focus, as a guy's money gets tighter, and all things skyrocket in cost. All economic indicators point toward a serious recession in 2023. Things are changing faster.

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