.22 WRF and .22 WMR (.22 Magnum)

Jim Taylor
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 17:33 (308 days ago)

Joepjs question below got me to thinking so I decided to measure the diameter of the cartridges and to show the difference. A lot of people have never seen a WRF.


I have several old boxes of WRF's.

The .22 Magnum case diameter

.22 WRF case diameter

I have fired the WRF's in the .22 Magnum. It's like firing a sub-sonic .22 Long Rifle after you have been shooting the standard High Velocity stuff.

The WRF was a good round in 1890 when it was designed. It out performed the .22 Long Rifle by quite a bit. It was put out of business when new powders came along in the early 1900's that gave the .22 Long Rifle a 300 fps velocity jump.


Edit: According to the SAAMI specs the WRF and the Magnum have the same bod and neck diameters. They differ only in case length. All the Magnums I measured were a bit smaller than the WRF's I have. They are within specs and I suspect the difference is just due to machinery wear and tear.

I've been forum scolded before for shooting .22 WRF

Friday, September 15, 2023, 07:36 (307 days ago) @ Jim Taylor

in .22 W "M" RF. They said I needed to save them for guys who REALLY needed them. Every few years they will make a several thousand rounds run of them for folks. Then they dry up for several more years.

There are many guns specifically WRF chambered still around. I've shot .22 LR from them which usually results in splitting cases, jumped extractors, and crappy accuracy. But I shot the old gun! .22 Mag is too long for the chambers and too high pressures to boot. Single shots, pumps, levers, revolvers...

I came upon a couple bricks of the stuff for only $7.50 a box of 50. You can as you mentioned shoot it from the .22 Mag guns so why not. It has the inside lubed bullet opposed to a "heel" type and weighs at least 5 grs. more than the typical LR round. At the price point it was cheap but I realized somewhere there was a customer that would loved to have had them.

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