Enjoyed some goofy experimentation again

Monday, September 18, 2023, 07:58 (7 days ago)

Sadly my work had gotten its claws into my normal life and upturned a lot of my fun diversions. It’s my fault I let it do that. I’ve not enjoyed my shooting sports to anywhere near the normal and previous degree. That’s not good! Time to re-focus and get back to it.

I went ahead, against some sound opinions, and ordered a $60 “Seeall” reflex sight to experience. Cheap entertainment and if all else fails I can mount it on a .22 or BB gun!

I have a Glock 21 test mule platform. I’m not suggesting anyone mimic me but for your bemusement I’ll recount some tinkering. I have converted this rig with notable success to .460 Rowland, .45 Uber-Super, .40 S&W, 10mm, and 9mm Luger. (Is still shoots .45 ACP as well) Mostly it simply entailed a specialized barrel, spring system, and alternating between .45 or 10mm magazines. I have yet to try 9x23mm Win., .357 Sig, or 9x25 Dillon, but there is still some wavering interest.

The 9mm Luger conversion was to be able to shoot, the then, $8/50 cheap ammo for practice on the platform. I was less concerned about reliable function. I just wanted it to go bang! My kit consisted of a special 6” Wolf conversion barre originally intended for a G20, the only notable difference in the G21 vs G20 is the width of the slide cut-out fitting the barrel extension hood. The wider G21 slot is more accommodating. 10mm mags actually work fine for 9mm, just riding higher in the feed position. Capacity is around 20 rnds. for a 15 shot 10mm mag.


Overall I found a #11 recoil spring works pretty well. Unfortunately the cheap 115 gr. ammo is less reliable than the 124 gr. which runs surprisingly well. Also I can seat out 147 gr. cast bullets to run almost 1200 fps at regular pressures, based upon my crude testing. But that’s getting away from my original mission.

The rear sight was removed and a picatinny base was installed. About $20 from EBay. It is a see through design but really needs a taller front sight to work well. An easy fix. The Seeall sight fit ok but the side clamp version would be a better application, this basic model uses set screws to lock in a picatinny rail. Slick sided but it also pushes upward for holding and you can get the whole works canted. Balance is required. The sight itself is a bit novel. It’s worth it to me for tinkering. I think rifle applications would be better suited. For handgun work it requires some patience and it is not “fast” compared to other types, but acceptable. I wanted a more precise sight than the combat sights and I think it fulfills that role. My goal was for precise 25-50 yd. plinking. So far I’m the weak link, fighting the Glock trigger that I’m out of practice using. 4-6” groups offhand are easy but I want half that at minimum.


Another trait no one said anything about it the eye relief compared to the aiming point. The farther you remove your eye from the sight the larger the triangle gets. At pistol distances it pretty much fills up the sight window, which is fine. Rifle eye relief, say 6”, and the triangle gets very small and precise. Ok again. For the life of me I can’t get it to photograph well. But I thought you’d find the whole exercise interesting. You likely won’t see it anywhere else. Lol

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