Our 12th and final Western Classic should be

Gary Reeder
Tuesday, February 06, 2024, 17:03 (18 days ago)

finished in the next day or so. I did the finish work over the weekend and all we have to do is put all the parts in the right places and get the action job done. The Black Chromex and color case turned out really nice. If you like the 44-40 be watching for the last Western Classic. If we don't get totally snowed in tonight and all goes well we will have it finished tomorrow.

Kase has been working on a custom 10mm Long Slide and it will hopefully be finished in the near future.

Also if you want to get into handgun hunting but not sure where to start we have a very special series coming soon.

We also have a new BEAST rifle in the works. Very special bolt action in 458 Win Mag.

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