No longer for sale here

Sunday, March 31, 2024, 05:59 (13 days ago)

Happy Easter to all !
For sale with Gary’s permission:
Posting for a friend. Custom handmade 7.5 inch Bowie knife made by nationally known Custom Knife Maker Jim Turecek out of Ansonia CT.
Constructed out of 3/8” O1 tool steel. Hand wet sanded finish. Approx 14 inches overall. Stag handle with heavy brass hand guard and cap. Handsome hand stitched wet formed leather sheath. Display stand. Never carried or sharpened. A heavy working knife that is also a piece of art. [image][image][image][image][image][image]
$1,450.00 shipped insured.
Please feel free to email questions or for additional photos.

I don't remember ever giving the OK to post this so

Gary Reeder
Sunday, March 31, 2024, 16:22 (13 days ago) @ Baxter6551

if you feel this knife is worth the high price listed it is all up to you. In case I did give the OK to post this a long time ago I will leave it on here. Let the buyer beware.

There was a fellow at HHC, one of Alan's

Monday, April 01, 2024, 13:40 (12 days ago) @ Gary Reeder

guys or neighbors I think. He showed me some knives he wanted to sell. Perhaps this is the fellow. It has been too long. Pretty piece of antler.

The TV show "Forged In Fire" has really fueled the knife making culture. I applaud that. Hopefully many true craftsmen will be spawned from this.

For Sale Listing withdrawn

Tuesday, April 02, 2024, 13:49 (11 days ago) @ Baxter6551

This for sale listing is withdrawn.

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