UPS has closed customer service centers at
Monday, November 21, 2022, 13:46

the warehouse hubs in at least two larger cities around me. It cost me $75 to ship a guy a rifle he purchased from me, shipping to his FFL. That was the absolute cheapest rate too. I have done this literally hundreds of times over the past 30 years and the charge would have typically been around $30-35.

I used the online service to print my own label. Dropped it off at an "Access Point" for pick up. The alternative was to use a "UPS Store" services. They charge an additional rate. Once trying to ship a 32" office monitor back for warranty work, in the original box, they first quoted $200. The monitor cost only $250. We finally found a rate around $110 but I declined. I went to the service hub (now closed as of Oct. 31) and paid $30.

I'm not sure of the US Postal regulations but I know handguns require to ship from a FFL to a FFL, last I heard. I give my dealer $25 to use his FFL, it's only fair. Shipping rates and control are getting to be a big deal. It's not uncommon to see online sales quote $50-75 shipping rates, now I understand why!

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