Gary Reeder
I posted that note from the head of UPS
Monday, November 21, 2022, 14:50

a couple of months ago that if he finds any handguns in their shipments he would destroy the gun. It was a big deal 2 months ago and most gun shops or manufacturers have totally dropped any firearm shipping thru UPS.
And if you expect cheap from any other shipper you can write that off too. The post office just jacked their rates up last week and they are now pretty close to Fed Ex rates. We are using the post office and Fed Ex as there is really no cheaper alternative.
There just ain't no cheap way to ship a gun these days. We ship several guns every week and just accept it as part of doing business. Every part of doing gun business has gone up and you can't expect rates of 30 years ago. You are not a gun shop anymore. You need to realize that and accept it.

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