Eyes going fast, time coming soon
Monday, March 13, 2023, 12:21

I'm saving my beans for a semi-auto dot type sight. I seem to perfer the Leupold Delta Pro over the Trijicon RMR but the Holosun 507C is getting good press. I just like Leupold stuff over the years...

This is for my SIG 320X Carry.

The local cops got new G17's with Holosun of some model. My guy told me they got the sights for about $250 wholesale. Not sure if it's the 407 or 507's. I'll get a report about how the training went later this month. I sure have trouble transitioning from a "laser dot" out on the target from iron sights. But I'm used to hunting handguns with optics, so maybe it will be more natural.

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