Gary Reeder
For young cops who have no bad habits like
Monday, March 13, 2023, 13:30

hunting guns with scopes and such they have very little problem transitioning to the red dot sights. I have no problem using red dots on my ARs but on a handgun I still find myself thinking "where in hell is the dot!" On my hunting revolvers I am comfortable with optics or with iron sights with the gold bead up front. On my last Africa hunt for my lion I used a revolver with the gold bead front sight and felt natural with it. But for dangerous game I would rather not depend upon a red dot sight. Now if I were sitting in a ground blind and had one of my revolvers in hand with the red dot sight then that would be a different situation. In a situation where I have plenty of time to find that dot and put it where I should then it is fine but not when I need that dot right now as in immediately.

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