Lynn I know you are a .41 fanatic
Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 14:22

I had one done using a well worn but serviceable old M28 (thanks to Stonecold). Parts were a little easier to come by a few years ago. I indeed provided Gary a M57 cylinder assy. complete with ejector rod. Also a 4" M57 Barrel. The cylinder on a M28/.357 is actually shorter and the barrel shank that sticks through the frame is longer as well. Once the parts were acquired it was not too much trouble. The barrel of course had the S&W front sight on it already.

Couple of notes. The M28/27 sport a tapered barrel compared to the straight bull on the .41 etc. The .357 frame has these little relieved points along the topstrap that mate with the tapered barrel. It is not unsightly with the non-tapered barrel but noteworthy. Also, the M28 specifically has a smooth matte finish rear sight compared to the M27 "checkered" sight or M57/29 grooved units.

At the time I could not find a affordable M57 and wanted something special anyway. One could do likewise to make a .44 Spec. (pseudo 24) or M28/25 in .45 Colt. I ended up spending about what I would have on a nice M57 (with the noted grace of Stonecold) but it's my tribute Reeder Custom to my late Uncle Ed.


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