Pocket blasters
Monday, May 22, 2023, 10:14

It’s probably just me wanting another gun, after a brief dry spell of not having a new toy. I can think of worse addictions.

The wife’s lovely custom S&W 60 is a benchmark. Truly fantastic but just a little heavy in my church pants pocket. The reason they make the “Airweight” models. I love the RB M37/637 but I’m strangely drawn to the very homely looking M38/638. Never had one and it’s go ugly I think it’s cool. 14 oz. is their listed portage along with the regular 37. I’m trying to find one without the late “keyhole”, as I find myself getting superficial as the years collect.

The .38 Special to me is the minimum defense caliber, for real. However I’ll carry about anything. I just don’t feel the same about the .380 ACP. I’m ordering some 6-shot HKS speedloaders in .32 cal. for my 100 yr. old Colt Pocket and SP101. Hopefully they are close enough to work.

I tried to research the true weights of various pocket guns but it’s impossible for such ancient pieces. The S&W was loaded with alloy cased 125gr. HP, the Colt is empty. I do note my Kahr P380 with 7-rnds. is just over 14 oz. So 14-18 oz. Is my happy place. BTW my 2” .357 SP-101 ran about 27 oz.! What a brick.



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