I have a good friend, a cattleman, that
Monday, May 22, 2023, 13:04

Chose a 3” M60 .357 as his farm carry gun. He keeps a Glock .45 in his truck, but the S&W is always on his hip. Being notable snake country his first two are CCI snake loads, followed by some flavor of JHP. Plenty enough to do the job.

Way back I took a shine to the 4” Colt Police Positive Special. While I love the D frame Colts, with 6-shots in 32-20, the .38 Special is the real choice. They are handy, plentiful, and usually cheaper than a low production semi-custom S&W. Just make sure it’s in good timing, there are very few real Colt gunsmiths around today. I still have a short barrel Diamondback on my bucket list.

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