Old Misfit would like to know ? What makes a
Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 06:02

African Hunter an African Hunter, or an El Diablo and El Diablo ? Engraving packages change at the request of the owner, calibers seem to be inter-changeable, even grip frame to some degree.
We realize the Govmt requires certain items to be on the final work, but even that seems to have some flex
I have an older El Diablo in 44 spl built off a small frame 3 screw, Scott has an El Diablo, completely different in cal and features, now you build a 475 LB (awesome by the way) with different features and engraving resembling my 500 LB that was called a Montana Hunter.
So I am confused ( probably Normal for me) as to what is required to call a package a El Diablo or Montana Hunter or African Hunter, Or Scott Boggs New Orleans Whore House Special ?

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