Gary Reeder
The whole thing is nuts. In the Guns & Ammo article you can
Wednesday, April 03, 2024, 11:27

tell that the writer is a bit confused about the whole thing. Why the military demanded a 277 caliber cartridge doing at least 3100 FPS is nuts. The military couldn't spell 277 much less know it's good and bad points. And the PSI pressure at 80,000 is also loony tunes. Like the writer said some dummy is going to chamber that round (the Sig 277 Fury) in his 20 year old bolt gun and after a few rounds the whole thing comes apart. Either the locking lugs give away and the bolt comes back in the shooters face ruining his day or the front of the action gives and turns into what looks like a banana peeling itself. There just aren't many guns out there that will handle 80,000 PSI in pressure.

He mentions that this is the first time SAAMI has OK'd an 80,000 PSI cartridge when they normally limit things to 66,000 PSI. So the whole thing is amazingly nuts. Like something a couple of drunks would come up with in their garage while reloading some ammo for a possum hunt.

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