Gary Reeder
I have to agree with WB (AKA Scotty Boggs)
Tuesday, July 09, 2024, 12:43

The TC G-2 is the finest TC ever made. It works for just about every caliber that the TC is chambered in, including over 100 calibers that I have developed thru the years. For the last 10 years or more my main hunting handgun has been a custom G-2 in 41 GNR. It started out as a 14" 41 Magnum barrel in 1978. I cut the barrel down to 9" and rechambered it to the 41 GNR. That caliber has done more for me than probably half of my other calibers put together. The 41 GNR has taken 11 Bison, Watusi, and Yak, but also has taken bull elk, Nilgai, and various other large game for me thru the years and if I did my part they were one shot kills.
For hunting medium to large size game that 41 GNR will do what it was developed for. I guess you would call it my "go to gun". The 41 GNR barrel started life on a Contender. Then as the G-2 came about I moved that barrel to a new G-2 frame and there it sits today, waiting for our next adventure.

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