The older Contenders are a bit glitchy to those
Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 07:18

who have never used them before. No doubt there have been many a fellow on his stand, to find at the moment of truth, that his "Contender" has had the trigger bumped and the hammer will not cock! The action needing reset! The G2 not only has that remedied but a guy can sit perfectly safe with the hammer fully cocked and the firing pin selector positioned to "safe". This only requires a simple (even with gloves) movement to flick it over to the correct firing pin striker and pull the trigger. You DO remember which is the right direction.

I set Roman up with a kit to give him his handgunning start. I can't imagine a better rig for a young man. 14" custom in .30 GNR (shoots Wal-mart .30-30 perfectly) and topped with a nice solid mounted Burris 2x-7x. We shoot a 150 gr. at moderate 2400 fps. About what a .300 Savage manages, no need to push it too hard. Recoil is mild and it will do anything a .30 cal. rifle will out to the limits of the optics. Younger son will no doubt be a 7mm GNR man like his pop, so I figure he will go that direction, in stainless!


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