I have a collection of SP101
Saturday, March 11, 2023, 09:39

I bought a "Wily Clap?" (still not sure who he is and why he's so special) special run .357 when I got my last promotion, for myself. It basically has semi-auto sights on a revolver, sort of Novac style. I like it but it is chunky, which for a .357 snubby it needs to be. It's notably heavier than the petite little M60 S&W and actually weighs about the same as my GLock 23(19) fully loaded with 15 rounds. But I want to keep it around. It actually weighs about 2x as much as the Ti -S&W, that Jim Taylor carries in his ankle holster! Shhhhh!

Also I own a .32 H&R early model 4" with windage adj. rear sight. However I rechambered it to .327 Federal, just because I wanted to. I'm not sure where POA will be in relation to a good load but I'll find it one day.

For some reason, probably a good deal, I bought one of the 4" .22 8-shot trail guns. The sights are fantastic as I can actually see them. It's hard to beat. Alas, I have many .22 trail guns and a soft spot for my 6-shot M63 S&W. It's quite a bit of money tied up in a redundant piece, but I have lots like that.

I like them all but it is a little shocking for concealed carry when you discover a 5-shot SP101 weighs more than a 10-shot G30s.

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