Isn't that little rig a peach?!!
Saturday, March 11, 2023, 09:49

My wife selected a 365X as her carry auto out of a dozen late models. I can't fault it, but I did favor the XL like you have. She still has issues with racking the slide on any semi since she broke both wrists. Two plates and (20) screws between the two patched appendages. So mostly she carries the Reeder Custom engraved M60 S&W. She really likes the Sticky holster she can tuck in a waistband w/o a belt.

I do not favor the .380 but I carry a Kahr P380 quite a bit. It's the smallest gun that I found which has actual "sights" on it. Power wise it's not far from the old top break .38 S&W of 100 years ago. Limitations noted. The Hornady Critical Defense ammo does NOT expand to any notable degree. FMJ is about as good IMO. SIG brand .380 FMJ sports a flat tip, if it feeds in your rig.

I bought a Redhawk from a dear Misfit a while back. Its a 4" round butt .45 Colt/ACP that can take the full moon clips. I put some hi-vis sights on it and found that it will also manage .45 Winchester Magnum ammo in the full moon clips. Many debate the "one" revolver you can own. I cannot dispute the choice of a 629, who could. But the RH .45 sure is handy and I plan on keeping it for the next 20 yr or so.

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