Mike H.
Mr. WB, compact, lightweight and powerful
Monday, March 13, 2023, 12:57

is what I have been carrying, a modern Webley Bulldog. Well, two out of three....ok...maybe just one out of three. But, it makes a dandy doorstop, can be thrown in trunk or bed for increased winter traction, and is likely better than a deck swivel gun converted to shoulder fired flintlock fowling piece.

It actually works for brief spells in a field jacket pocket or front (pleated) trouser pocket, grip protruding like any other snubbie with huge black grips. Hides completely in my old N3-B parka pocket, but so would a '64 Rambler station wagon. I have a Galco high ride which also works rather well.

Never thought I'd see the day where I had a Super Redhawk which I could stick in a pocket, but there it is. And quite accurate, too. Can manage 1.5"@25yds, which is amazing considering my eyes and this a snubbie.


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