Suddenly the perspiration of reality sets in
Monday, February 12, 2024, 14:56

I had some fleeting idea since all my local gunsmiths are passed on, I’d begin to acquire some of the more simple tools to do some things myself. I’ve tinkered my entire life. That should be of some value.

Boy, I got the book I ordered. “Jerry Kuhnhausen - The Colt Double Action Revolvers A Shop Manual, Vol. 1”. What a sobering slap! The complexity of seemingly simple issues is astonishing. It makes you wonder how any Colt DA ever lasted. It could entice one to get aggressive in company of the unworthy ham handing such a refined piece! Barney Fief’s be flogged. It’s more like a precision watch with a few less parts. Lots of facing, peening, stoning, and angles. So you have to know what those terms mean. There are some specialized tools but the excellent book discussed suitable alternatives.

I was able to quickly identify the “section” that covered my issue, but the remedy will entail considerable study. I can understand the 18-month waiting cue for the regional expert in the field. $40 to get you a place in line! Wow.

I’m still reeling from my first encounter with the initial understanding of just this one system.


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