You are correct. Years ago I held the licenses
Monday, February 12, 2024, 17:25

And if you even help out a friend or two it gets dicey. Depends on your state, but having possession of someone else’s stuff etc.

I’m just trying to fix my own rigs. A $25 used book, some tinkering, maybe I can tighten the old 1935 gal up some. I’d take it to someone but all the good guys are dead! Most guys don’t know much past knocking roll pins swapping AR parts.

These old Colts require literal understanding of how it all works. Some knowledge toward that can’t be too bad. I can really appreciate the skill and craftsmanship.

Vol. 2 is the molded parts and coil spring guns. Still more complicated than the S&W. The fellow wrote other manuals for other weapons, and while highly technical they are well written and a rare product these days.

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