Gary Reeder
Smart move. I don't know of any animal that can tell
Tuesday, July 02, 2024, 15:47

a 300 grain at 1300 from a 400 at 1400. but the gun itself will tell, by shaking loose and wearing out parts real quick. I have always opted for a medium weight bullet at reasonable speed. I have seen 2 elephant taken with my 510 GNR and a 350 grain hard cast gas checked bullet at 1300 fps. Both were taken with 2 rounds each.
John Abraham, my African PH is offering me the African hunt of a lifetime, an old bull elephant with my revolver in 510 GNR. I would like to say I have taken an elephant but I really don't feel good about it. The bull would be an old bull way past his breeding age, probably close to 100 years old. He is just trying to die a peaceful death with nobody bothering him. But the game commission wants me to put the old fellow down and I just don't agree with that. The good side would be it would feed a couple of villages of natives for a few weeks but there is another side. As I get older the years I have left are special and I am sure it is the same with a 100 year old bull elephant. But the game commission has a drawing every year and the PH gets one permit in a lifetime but I would rather pass on it and let some young stud have the experience.
I do want to go on one more African lion hunt with my 510 GNR revolver. That is out of 16 hunts in Africa my favorite hunt.
Sorry to get off the subject of extreme heavy bullets at hyper speeds. I just remember good friend John Taffin telling more than one young hunter on here that it isn't the bullet weight and it isn't the bullet's speed. It is where you put the bullet that counts.
And if you have pissed off this fellow and he is at 10 yards you better put that bullet in the right spot.

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