With great anticipation I awaited each month the issue
Friday, July 05, 2024, 10:22

of G&A to see what Ross Seyfried was up to. I worked in a grocery store through high school and Jr. college. We had a magazine rack and I was there when it was fresh stocked.

Ross helped publicize Dick Casull's hot .45 loads and the advent of the .500 Linebaugh, Maximum, and .475 as well. Later in life I got to sample all examples myself first hand. The reality of physics can be harsh. They all basically push holes through stuff, once through, the remaining energy, is a macho waste. I always found the .454 with factory loads particularly unpleasant. Yet I decided I needed one in my collection before the prices got all stupid. My procrastination made me pay a lot more than prior but it was less than half of what they are now!

I never understood Bob's (maybe it was his Dad) smallish trigger guard. The gripframe seems odd too but works ok. I personally don't like it, so I had Gary "fix" it. I was tempted to have some engraving done but somehow the understated Premiere finish seems a bit elegant. It is in my mind and for my purposes the perfect .454.


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