Gary Reeder
Sometime within a hundred years or so I picked
Friday, July 05, 2024, 12:17

up my first Freedom Arms 454. The gun was perfect...for most people. But even being the finest single action ever built it didn't light my fire. I did a lot of changing in my mind to just about everything. The grip just didn't fit my hand. The trigger guard banged my knuckle in just about every caliber except those meant for pussies.
After sitting down and re-making the Freedom Arms perfect design I realized I already had what I was designing in my Ruger Super Blackhawk. Yet it wasn't perfect either so rather than butcher up the perfect freedom Arms I sold it and put all my personal changes onto my Super Blackhawk. And that change continues today probably 3 decades since the first major change I did to my Super Blackhawk. With a couple dozen custom series since that first change (which by the way was my original Gunfighter Grip on the original Black Widow) I find myself thinking of ways to make it "better". Which by the way ain't gonna happen.
The Freedom Arms has withstood the changes of folks like me thru the years and the only change I can see is when Bob Baker called and asked if I would be pissed if he added my Gunfighter Grip to his list of options. I told Bob I would be proud if he added my Gunfighter Grip to his "perfect" Freedom Arms. With the harder thumps the Freedom passes along with the hot 454s and the 500s the Gunfighter Grip (to me) helps tremendously. And of course the Gunfighter Grip is not done to every Freedom Arms gripframe. Some folks just don't like it. It is an option only but in my eyes it is a good one. Nuff said.

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